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Done by the Reverend of Metal Ages.

Notes: This is an interview with Aldo from Secret Sphere, But Shred (Well known as Aldo's friend pop's in for a bit.

My man, Don "Metulhead" Capps, turned me on to the band Secret Sphere. If he lived around me I would have given him a big fat kiss already! Secret Sphere is yet another great band to recently emerge from the realm of Italy. Their debut album evokes all thoughts that can be mustered up to describe good progressive/power metal. Conceptual, Compelling and Captivating their debut "Mistress of the Shadowlight" starts off a promising musical career for these fine Italians. I had the chance to chat with Aldo (guitarist) and Alby (Secret Sphere webmaster & English helper!) and we even had a surprise guest pop in later in the interview!

Reverend: So just got back from recording the tune for the Helloween tribute right? How did everything go?

Aldo: Everything went good in the studio. We took about five days to record the song, and by the way, there will be a little surprise at the end of the song. Stay tuned!

Reverend: Man what a tease!!! Ehen is that album supposed to come out?

Aldo: It will come out in September in Japan for on JVC Records.

Reverend: Man, I tell you, all you Europeans get the good stuff!! That will be yet another album I have to pay an import price for I guess!!

Aldo: Hey! LOL! Wait, it will come out in November/December for the rest of the world so maybe in the USA too! Don't worry! LOL

Reverend: I am glad to see that more and more albums are getting released in the states. Hopefully they will continue down this road so that all the USA Metalheads will realize that metal has never been dead, just died off in the USA media!

Aldo: Yeah, I understand what you mean. The next Secret Sphere album will be released in the USA under the license of an important label, but this is not 100% sure yet. It will be distributed for sure by Century Media.

Reverend: That's great!!! That leads me to my next question as well. When is your next album coming out? You all began recording yet?

Aldo: We are going in to the studio around October for about a month or month and a half. All the songs are almost finished and there will be 12. (maybe)

Reverend: There better be 12!! Hahaha! I love it when bands add as much as they can to an album personally. What determines for you guys how many tracks will be on an album, the studio recording cost?

Aldo: No, just the CD length!!! :) LOL

Reverend: Hahaha, that's true. I still find a lot of bands will record like 50 minutes or less of material and put on an album. I wish they would fill it up!!

Aldo: Well, the truth is that it will be another concept album and it's inspired, in part, by The Never Ending Story (the movie). The main character will be transported by a ray-light in to parchment and she will live several stories and legends in it!

Reverend: Ahhh sounds great! Sounds like there will be a lot of room for creative writing on this album yet again! Who came up with the idea to do this concept?

Aldo: It came up to me with the helping hand of Andrea (bass) and Roberto (voc).

Reverend: Excellent. Is that how the song writing usually goes for you guys, one of you will come up with a song and present it to the band or do you all work together on the tunes?

Aldo: Well, the main idea for the songs often come to me or Antonio (keys) then the rest of the band listen to it and together we write the rest of the song; arrangements, lyrics, etc. For the last album the lyrics were mainly written by Roberto and Andrea but for the next one we are writing them together. The vocal lines are always written by Roberto.

Reverend: I can't wait man....can't wait! Hey, I have a surprise guest who would like to pop in and say hi, you mind? It's someone you know!!

Aldo: Ok, No prob!

<< At this time Herman "Shred" Li from Dragonheart enters the chat! >>

Shred: Hey dudes!

Reverend: Aldo, it's Shred!

Aldo: Hi Shred!

Shred: Hey Aldo! Have to sort out band names! Hehe, there are too many DragonHeart's on this planet!

Aldo: LOL! You're right!!! LOL, in Italy there is a label with this name as well!!!

Shred: .....of the Domine guitarist :) Hehe I know hehe

Reverend: Haha. Band names are getting tough to come by!

Shred: Eric Peterson has one, Brazil has one....

Reverend: How did you meet Shred Aldo?

Shred: I left him a message on the site cause the album is great.

Reverend: So you actually watch the mail and guest book on the site right Aldo?

Aldo: Yes, of course, and I answer personally to everybody! Hey, Shred, do you still want to participate in the new band with me???

Shred: Hell yeah!!! OF COURSE!

Reverend: Hey, hey, do I have a scoop here or something?? What's that question in reference to Aldo?

Shred: Would be very cool! If you let me, I am a bit crap :) you're better.

Aldo: Hey, man are you joking??? LOL

Shred: I like your solos, better than mine!

Aldo: Stop it! LOL!

Shred: Hehehe

Reverend: Ok Aldo, speak up man!!! What's this conversation about? You guys going to work on a project together?

Aldo: Ok, we are going to make a project together. The band name is Last Forever and I want to tell you the names of the other guys in the band.

Reverend: Excellent!

Aldo: Giulius (Pandemonium), Raha (Falling Time), Luca (Secret Sphere), Andrea (Secret Sphere) and that's all for now. The music style will be very close to Racer X and Cacophony.

Shred: Sounds cool to me! Hehehe, I better get some practice together then :)

Reverend: Oh man, I am drooling already!!! I can just imagine the chaotic sounds from you guys already!

Shred: Dudes I have to go, meeting up some German girl. I am already late talking to your metal warriors! I'll have to talk to you later :)

Reverend: Hahahahaha ok Shred!! Take care man and I'll see ya soon!

Aldo: See you man! Stay hard and take care!!

Shred: See ya Rev Eye and Aldo! I'll talk soon...keep it METALLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!

<< At this time Herman "Shred" Li from Dragonheart exits the chat! >>

Reverend: ALWAYS! Is there any timeframe on when you will be working on this project seeing as Dragonheart are getting more and more popular and Secret Sphere has a new album coming out soon Aldo?

Aldo: Ok, this project we will want to happen or the second half of 2001, Hey man you're to curious!!!! LOL!

Reverend: Hahahaha, I like to keep up on all things metal man!! I love this music and there's so much going on I just want to make sure I can keep up with it all!!

Aldo: That's good man!

Reverend: Ok, now let's hit back on your last album a little bit. Were you all happy with the results from your last album?

Aldo: Yes, sure were. We are all very happy for the results of our last album.It went out last November and we sold about 20,000 copies, more than we could imagine one year ago! We also obtained the license to Brazil, Korea and Japan. Also, it's upcoming the very first Fans Club from Chile!

Reverend: Great!!! I have to say I think the Internet helped you all a lot as well. I actually found your album online and downloaded it all, then I liked it so much, I ended up buying it! How do you look at the mp3 situation, do you like it or are you opposed to it?

Aldo: Well, it's not easy to answer. Personally, I think that the mp3 files could be very useful for a new band that are looking for a record deal or for a band which doesn't have good promotion. I don't think this is good for the famous bands, you know. Many people use to download the whole album but don't buy it after listening!

Reverend: I have to say, I disagree!! Most the Metalheads I know online, we are ALWAYS downloading old and new bands and now we are buying WAY more than we have ever in our lives! I mean, even more than from magazine ads, radio, TV, whatever. I think about 90% of what I buy now is based on mp3's I find!! But, I guess everyone has their own opinions on this whole mp3 debate.

Aldo: Well, it's good what you said but I have to say that in Italy the situation is really different. But, I can't say for the whole world!!

Reverend: With your last album what was your favorite moment out on the road? Did you all do a small tour?


Bass Roberto

Vocals Aldo

Lead Guitar Paolo

Rhythm Guitar Luca

Drums Antonio


Aldo: Well, it was without a doubt the very first one after the record came out at the Mephisto Rock Cafe. It's a very small club (pub) near our town and it was completely full! It's the kind of club near our town where we use to go to have a drink and meet our friends and it was completely full! It was really great!

Reverend: Great!! What's your WORST experience so far?

Aldo: Well, it was in Turin. People were very sleepy!!!! Under Valium!!! LOL! It was not easy to play in front of people like that you know!

Reverend: I can only imagine! Hahaha. What's the future goals of Secret Sphere. Besides recording and putting out great albums what's the dream you would like to have come true with this band?

Aldo: .....having some drinks now.....cheeeeers!!! LOL!

Reverend: You two drunks!! Hahaha.

Aldo: The future is to put out the next album and do a European tour after it. My dream is to do a world tour and sell so many copies that we can live only with music!

Reverend: Great!!! What else do you and the other members do right now for work?

Aldo: Me, Roberto and Andrea are still studying at the University and Luca, Andrea, Paolo and Antonio work.

Reverend: I see, very cool. I notice a lot of Euro musicians I meet are all in studies! hahaha

Aldo: Yes, you know, only when you're in school can you find the time to play!! LOL!

Reverend: Hahahahahhaha. Has there ever been a time when you are online or out walking and someone comes up to you and says "hey man"! and praises your work and the band. How does that make you feel?

Aldo: Well, I'm very proud when people come up to me and praise my work, of course. I 'm very happy to talk with them and answer all their questions!!!!

Reverend: I see more and more musicians now actually take the time to talk with people, plus I think the internet makes it easier. Heck, all I am is a fan of all you bands! I just happen to have a site as well to go with it! hahahaha! I'm like in a little Metal Fantasy Land!

Aldo: I went to your site and I read about our review of our album but I couldn't find it, right?

Reverend: Correct. I am doing a full launch of the site on August 1 then it will be available! I have a few more areas of the site to develop and some more reviews to add then we'll be rocking! Hey, if you send me $50 I will make sure to give your album a 10 Metal Fist rating, LOL!

Aldo: LOL! Ok, why not!

Reverend: Hahahahahahahahh Kidding!!!!!! hehehe

Aldo: Anyways, I want to personally thank you for the offer about the site

Reverend: No problem man. I enjoy your music a lot and can tell from the quality of it that you guys will continue to put more great music out and only get bigger and better so I support you or any band that can do great things for metal like that.

Alby: Well, this site started like a joke (more or less) and I never did one before but we saw that it was getting more and more important for the band and we were deciding something out about the domain. We wanted to wait for the new album and try to do something with the record company but now there is Rev!!! :)

Reverend: Yeah baby!!! hahaha. Speaking of your record company, are you happy with Elevate Records and are you going to continue with them for the next album?

Aldo: Yeah, they are doing a good job for us, even if there is some things that could go better. I'm talking about the promotional tour, but we know that here in Italy it's not easy to organize it because there are not many booking agencies and the few that there are only work with the important bands.

Reverend: So what's the one thing you like doing most when you aren't playing music or studying? What are your other hobbies?

Aldo: I like watching movies, playing video games :(), reading books (fantasy mainly) and going out with friends to have fun!

Reverend: Great! What's your favorite video game?

Aldo: Final Fantasy 7.

Reverend: I should have guessed hehehe.

Aldo: ;=)

Reverend: How about bands? What are some of the bands you are listening to at the moment?

Aldo: Lately, I have been listening to:

1) Alchemy (Malmsteen)

2) Project Driver (M.A.R.S.)

3) Trinity Overture (Majestic)

4) The Gathering (Testament)

5) Technical Difficulties (Racer X)

That's all :)

Reverend: Great variety!! I have to agree with that Majestic album, I love that album! Well, as you ca n tell, I don't interview you about how you guys got started in the band, etc. be cause that's where I just tell everyone to go to www. to find out about all that information! I appreciate you taking your time to chat man and wish you guys all the best in the future!!! Now it's time for my closing "3 stupid questions"!!!! READY?

Aldo: Ready! :)

Time for the "3 Stupid Questions" to close the interview!

1) If you were stranded on an island with your band mates and had no food, which member would be the first one you decide to eat to stay alive!!

Aldo: LOL! No Luca because he's to hairy!! LOL! Probably Antonio but don't ask me why! LOL!

LOL, Hahahahahhaa! 2) If there was one band you could erase from ever existing what band would that be and why!

Aldo: :(

Reverend: Hehehehehe come on you know you have one! Don't be shy!! It Doesn't have to be metal!

Aldo: Slipknot, they are idiots!

LOL! 3) You've just been given your own TV show now, what is it going to be about????

Aldo: Sex definitely!

Reverend: You pervert! HAhahaa!

Aldo: LOL!

Reverend: You are sitting there with Alby and all you can think about is sex?? Come on!! Hahaha!

Aldo: Yes, but, we have in front of us a big pic of Jenna Jameson!! LOL!

Reverend: Oh my Goodness I better end the interview right now!! You're scaring me! Hahahahaha!

Aldo: Hey! I'm just kidding!!! LOL!

Reverend: Ok man, thanks a million!!! Take care and have fun! METAL!!!

Aldo: You're welcome, take care! We will be sending you every news about us, thanks for your support!

For the Love of Metal!

Side Notes: For all the common facts about the band such as how they started, etc.. visit their web site listed below.