Iīd like to start out by letting you know that your music kicks ass !!

"Thanks :)"

I was wondering.. there are two bands named DRAGONHEART and how is it that you can both keep that name ? Do you guys talk to the other band often ?

"Right. From what I know and been told, none of us really have an album officially released outside our country under the name Dragonheart/Dragon Heart, so it doesn't matter now, yet. I think that's how it works anyway. Seriously, I can't really give you an answer for that, it's a really complicated thing." No we don't talk to the other band, I tried once and they just said we gonna sue you with our lawyer. That was tricky question :)))))))))))"

Hahaha.. of course.. youīve got to love the tricky questions !! You guys will have a new album coming out. When is this going to be released and how many songs are going to be on it ?

"We have demoed 9 songs for the album for the interested record labels and it clocks at around 55 minutes. We were hoping for a September release but I am not sure how long it's gonna take. As usual it takes so much time for some labels to sort things out so that both sides are happy."

Will the new album contain any of the songs that were on the demo or is it 9 entirely new songs ?

"The album will also include the songs from the demo but properly recorded. I think those songs are strong but there are many things we were not happy with it, but than again it is a demo and we done it in a rush because of the lack of money. We were only together for 6 months when we done the demo. We improved so much since then!"

Thatīs cool. I look forward to hearing the songs re-recorded. My favourite song is definitely 'Valley Of The Damned'. Which labels have you demoed the material out to so far ? Which label are you hoping to get on ?

"Weīve been mainly in talks with Sanctuary Records since last year July and some other smaller but dedicated labels. There are always the advantages to be on a big label and advantages on being on a smaller one. Sanctuary put us on tour with Halford last year, so they done quite a bit for us already. Obviously they have bands like Iron Maiden, Helloween and now bought Noise Records which is a great choice. Also they are located in London so that's better for the communication part. We will see what happens pretty soon..."

Nice. What do you think of the MP3.com DAM cd ? Do you think working with MP3.com has been beneficial in getting the word out about DRAGONHEART ?

"Well, DAM cd was a good thing but now I think it's a rip off now. They now changed the pricing a lot and the CDs gone much more expensive. Anyhow, we will stop selling the demo at DAM cd pretty soon. I first put it on DAM cd because there were lots of requests from people who wanted the songs on the CD, it wasn't a money thing really. Itīs true MP3.com have given us a lot of exposure though but as with a lot of commercial companies, they use and abuse you to their advantages. The support we appreciate most is from the metal zines, web sites who really do it for the music first! Like you haha!"

Hehe.. thanks ! I noticed you guys are searching for a Keyboard player.. what happened to the old guy and how is the search going so far ?

"Well the old guy didn't wanna tour, play live, so it wasn't gonna work. We have an 18yr old keyboard player helping us out right now, he is not a permanent member yet though. We are just gonna try a couple things out."

I see. Speaking of touring.. what are your future touring plans and how was it to tour with Halford ?

"Well, we want to tour as soon as possible but we canīt do it outside of England until the album is out because we don't have any money. Later this year I hope. The Halford tour was great! We only played 2 shows before the Halford tour and they never even seen us played when they put us on that tour! It all went great and after the Halford shows we played with Stratovarius."

Wow.. you played with STRATOVARIUS ? Thatīs awesome !! When you do go out on tour who would you most want to tour with ?

"I donīt really mind touring with whoever as long as they have a sense of humour. We usually get along well with most bands, but some bands, they can't take a joke or have a laugh. They take everything you say as a joke so seriously for nothing. We like to have a laugh when not on stage you know. Bands like Edguy seem like really cool to tour with, Toby S is definitely a funny guy."

Yeah, I agree, humour is important especially when life is too short to be serious all the time. So, how long have you been playing with Sam and were you both in a band before DRAGONHEART together ?

"Since 1998 I been playing with him in another band but it never really got anywhere. It wasn't a serious band, it was more of a joke band for having a good time, make fun out of people and some people took it too seriously. I did one album out of 3 with them."

Ok, I see. Moving on here... ;) Did you do the cover art for the demo and who is going to be taking care of the cover art for the new release ?

"Some guy I don't know helped us with the demo cover. The logo is done by our great friend JP Fournier whoīs done covers for Edguy's Savage Poetry, Avantasia, Immortal and loads more. He is amazing and I hope to have him doing our art work for the album too."

Cool. It would seem that the brand of Metal you guys are playing isnīt all that big in the UK. How does this make you feel and where do you think most of your fanbase comes from ?

"Well it seems we are the only band who play this type of music and gig around in the UK! Surprisingly we get really good reponse and when we played our first headline show couple months ago the turn out was really good. Enough money to pay off the pyros and fireworks HAHA! It's good to stand out in the crowd, now everyone knows us after they seen us touring with Halford and Stratovarius. Our strongest fanbase is still from Europe; Germany, France, Scandinavian countries."

Yeah, Power Metal is defenitely huge in Europe. What bands are you really getting into these days ?

"This year I really like the new Secret Sphere and Adagio. The new Arch Enemy, Lost Horizon are cool and been listening to Nightwish a lot too. Apart from that I listen to a bit of all the other new metal albums I got and I have lots!"

I havenīt heard the new ARCH ENEMY yet, what do you think of the fact that they got a female vocalist instead of using male vox ?

"It doesn't make any difference as long as it fits the music really. She sounds brutal enough most of the time I think, but it will be interesting how they will do it live! I think the main differences it makes is the image. You know, some people listen to bands just because they have a female singer! I think!!! Then again, personalities in the band always make a difference and draw fans. A band full of boring people is not exactly cool :) if you know what I mean heheh"

Yeah, hahaha.. good point ! I think youīre right ! How did you meet up with all the members of DRAGONHEART in ī99 ?

"All the other members were through adverts in magazines and studios except the bassist who wasnīt really supposed to be in the band but just helping us out, somehow ended to be. We had to sack him a year later though cos he still couldn't play the 5 songs on the demo properly live and we weren't getting along together. Too different in personalities. But now we have Diccon on bass who is amazing, the person who I wanted to play with us since the beginning, but then he was touring as a roadie."

Thatīs cool. Is it Dicconīs basslines that are on the five song demo or the other guys ?

"The other guy, Diccon will get his 8 string bass in action for the album and tour."

Excellent !! I wanted to get back to discussing the upcoming new album a bit. Do you have any of the songtitles for that one available or the album title ?

"We only use working song titles, they aren't final until the end really. No point setting everything in stone until we have to if you know what I mean."

Yeah, I know what you mean. It makes it more of a surprise then if they arenīt revealed until the album comes out anyhow ! Do you take care of the official website ? And would you say that the internet itself has really given a boost to the bandīs recognition ?

"Yeah I take care of the web site for now. The internet definitely helped us and it is how it started off really. As a band with only a demo out we are really well known you can say and that helped us to land the gigs and magazines away from just the internet. I think the whole music industry is changing since the internet and things like mp3."

Who produced the video that you have for download on the site ? Has that been aired on tv at all ?

"The Valley Of The Damned" music video was produced by me.. I remember when I was young I always wanted to see music and live video of my favourite bands. Since we have such a loyal and growing fan base now I thought it would be a great idea. We don't have to wait for the labels to do everything, these days a lot of bands just sit there once they get signed and kinda lose the feel and contact with their audiance and seems to let the money people make decisions for them."

Cool ! You produced the video yourself ? Thatīs great ! Do you plan on airing it on tv any time soon ?

"I don't think they would bother playing it! Hahaha.. one step at a time, the album is the priority right now."

Hehe.. I hear ya ! I was wondering what are your personal thoughts on the most important issues facing humanity these days ?

"Hmmm, that is something I will keep to myself really. Itīs not that I am ignorant but I believe in everything there are good and bad points so you can't really win!"

Ok. Thatīs understandable. What IRON MAIDEN album do you like the best and why ?

"Seventh Son of A Seventh Son! I just think the music was strongest that time."

I prefer "Powerslave", that album rules ! Iīd like to thank you for your time and wish the band the best of luck with the new record. I look forward to that being released ! Is there anything youīd like to make as a last comment before we close this interview ?

"Well thanks for taking time to do this interview. it's great to see there are people out there for the music first and not money! Itīs a change for today's society. And for the fans, I know the album been a long wait but I promise it's worth every bit of it and you won't be disappointed. The album and tour outside England is on it's way and I hope I didn't make these final comments sounding too cheesy and cliche! HAHA"

Never.. hehehe.. Thank YOU and I look forward to the new album and possibly a tour into Germany !